At Cappel Financieel Advies we offer these services:

For expats

As an expat living in the Netherlands you have special tax status. Together we can discuss your finances — from buying and insuring a home, to filling in your tax return, to creating a financial plan. I have the right contacts to provide you with the sound advice you need.

Mortgage advice

There’s so much to look at when buying a new home. We’ll talk it through together, and I’ll take away the stress. I have contacts with all the banks and insurers in the Netherlands, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the mortgage provider and insurer that are best for you.

Insurance advice

Buying a house is about much more than calculating the monthly charges. For one thing, your home and property have to be insured. But what should you insure? Where will you get the best cover in case some happens to you? I’ll make it simple for you with customized personal advice on travel and car insurance, and any other protection you need.

Financial planning

We all need an accurate overview of our financial position. Whether you need a mortgage, insurance or comprehensive financial planning, my goal is to provide a solution that suits you all the way into the future.

Pension advice

When it comes to pensions, I ask a lot of questions so that I can provide you with the very best answer. What do you need today? How much can you save for tomorrow? What have you got tucked away for your retirement? And what happens to your partner if anything happens to you? Taking your income, assets, liabilities and future expectations into account, I make the answers to these questions both clear and insightful.

Tax advice

Whatever your employment or tax status, I complete your tax returns at a fixed rate agreed in advance.

Do you need more information about the services listed above? Contact me here.